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Drones, Construction, Project Management, Civil Engineering

Construction & Aggregate Services

Prairie Sky UAV, LLC's Construction Services Division works with Contractors, Project Managers & Engineering firms.  Using aerial video and photogrammetry we capture using drone technology we offer the following services, among others:


   1. Study the site & get an overview of the project before the operations begin

   2. Site pre-planning and logistics

   3. Accurately measure distances, area, or volumetrics

   4. Aggregate & Stockpile Analysis

   5. Monitor compliance of work within specifications and standards

   6. Create detailed 2D & 3D Maps

   7. Create elevation maps to determine drainage, high or low spots, etc.

   8. Follow the deadlines in relation with the work progress

   9. Gather data and information for use in future projects

 10. Valuable virtual information for off-site locations & project teams

 11. Improve safety by minimizing risks to personnel

 12. Provide files to be integrated with BIM and Virtual Design programs

 13. Able to live stream video directly from the jobsite, allowing remote

       locations to view project status in real time

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