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Prairie Sky UAV's Public Safety/Emergency Services Division works with Fire Services, Law Enforcement, Government Agencies (Local, State, Federal), and other Emergency Management Services Operations. Fire Departments, we can work with you on incident pre-planning services, including mapping (2D or 3D), video, & imaging of high risk or hazardous areas in your protection district, Haz-Mat site inspection and documentation, fire scene assistance and post-incident documentation, and more.  Law Enforcement & Emergency Management agencies, we can assist with Search and Rescue operations, dangerous situation documentation and surveillance, natural disasters and accident site reconstruction. 

If your organization is looking to start its own UAS program, our sales department can work with you to create a customized drone package that best suits your needs, including setup of the system and training for your department.  Check out our Drone Sales page or contact us for more information.


Our services for Law Enforcement Agencies include the following:


     1. Search & Rescue - Drones can cover large areas in a very short time

         and be able to spot missing people from the air, even at night using           thermal imaging

     2. Accident Scene Reconstruction - Using aerial imaging and video to

         document the scene, potentially locating evidence that could be

         missed from the ground.  Can create an accurate 2D map or 3D

         virtual model of the actual scene to speed up the analysis.

     3. Investigate Active Shooter/Dangerous Situations - Allow for

         investigation and analysis of the scene all while keeping officers at a

         safe distance and out of harm's way. 

     4. Crime Scene Analysis - Similar to accident scenes, provide an

         accurate rendering of crime scene for enhanced documentation and

         evidence recording.

     5. Surveillance - Allow LEO's to collect surveillance operations without

         being spotted, allowing officers to be at a safe distance from the


     6. Crowd Monitoring - Allows LEO to monitor large crowds, concerts,

         protests, etc.  Can track suspects thru a crowd without endangering

         innocent bystanders or quickly locate someone in need of     



Prairie Sky UAV LLC offers the following services for Fire Protection Districts:

1.    Work with Fire Service Agency to document high risk areas/structures

        within their designated protection district.

2.     Create current Aerial Maps (2D/3D) of the specified area

3.     Still Photographs or 360 degree video

4.     Deliver electronic files that can be used for pre-planning or pulled up on   

        mobile devices while en-route to incident scene.

5.    Monitor/Record live incident scenes or training exercises for use in future

        training or incident documentation

6.    Monitor live incident scenes to aid in decision making to deal with the

        situation, help to maintain responder safety by identifying hazardous

        areas, and more.

7.    Work with investigators post-incident to provide documentation to help

        determine cause, total damage, structure safety, etc.

8.    Thermal Capabilities to determine hot spots, locate victims or individuals

         trapped inside structure, etc.

9.    Search & Rescue Operations - Live Feed video from the air to help locate

         lost individuals

10.  Accident Scene Reconstruction - create Aerial maps and imaging of site

        for documentation & investigation.  Provides a “bird’s eye view” that may

        show evidence that could easily be missed with a ground investigation

11.  Provide safe & accurate scene size up for Hazardous Material Incidents,

        protecting personnel and accurately gathering what was spilled and how

        much in order to determine safe zones and equipment required.

12.  We can also work with you to set up your own drone program for your

        department.  We will custom build a package to suit your needs, along

        with setup and training for your personnel.


Prairie Sky UAV can assist Federal, State, and local Emergency Service Agencies during and after Natural Disasters, Hazardous Material Incidents, or other Emergency Situations

       1.  Natural Disasters - Inspect flooded areas that are not accessible from

            the ground to search for hazards or trapped individuals.  Survey

            storm damage while keeping responders out of harm's way in order to

            formulate a recovery/relief plan.

       2.  2D & 3D Aerial Mapping - Use for Emergency Situation Pre-Planning

            or to accurately record damage after a disaster.  Provides invaluable

            data and information to have for any Emergency Situation

       3.  Structural Damage Assessment - Safely inspect damaged buildings or

            other structures after earthquakes, tornadoes, act of terrorism, or

            other disaster

       4.  Hazardous Material situations - Can safely identify the type and size

            of the spill without endangering responders.  Data can be used to

            formulate a cleanup/recovery plan prior to entering the Haz-Mat area.

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