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Oil & Gas, Utilities, and Solar Services

Oil & Gas Services

  • Construction Monitoring & Documentation

  • Asset Monitoring

  • Pad & Well Site Inspections

  • Pipeline Inspections

  • Flare Stack Inspections

  • Site Mapping & Planning

  • Erosion Monitoring

  • Terrain Mapping

  • Reclamation Site Mapping

  • Spill/Leak Detection

  • Thermal Monitoring & Inspection

  • Operations Support

  • Stockpile Volumetrics

  • Facility Inspections

  • Vegetation & Encroachment 

  • Pesticide/Herbicide Application on pad or pipeline site

Other Benefits

  • Improve Safety.  According to the CDC from 2003-2013 oilfield work related fatalities increased by 27.6% ( 1189 deaths).  Over 50% of which were employed by well service companies. Conducting inspections with drones minimizes the amount of time that workers have to spend in the proximity of well pads & equipment.  

  • By minimizing the need for manual inspections, well technicians can focus on more important projects such as repairs and more value-added inspections that help to reduce down-time.

  • Ability to significantly increase the number of well sites that can be inspected in a day vs. manual.

  • Minimizes down-time by often avoiding the need to shut down equipment for routine inspections.

  • Better & more consistent data.  Drones can be programmed to fly the exact same flight path at the exact same altitude every time.  This not only allows data to be collected more quickly, it also is more accurate & precise for comparison to prior inspections.

Solar Inspection Services

  • Increase efficiency: Drones collect data more than 50x faster than manual methods. Solar farms are typically very large installations, so a drone equipped with an appropriate thermal camera can scan the site for defects much faster than using a thermal camera on the ground.

  • Get better quantity & quality information: Efficiently identify issues manual processes might miss.

  • Avoid hazardous man-hours: Conduct surveys and inspections without being exposed to potential danger.

  • Reduce costs: Not only in inspection, but maintenance, equipment and potential shut downs.

  • Store, track & distribute data: Manage data with a secure portal and convenient reporting

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Infrastructure Services

  • Road Construction Projects - Progress Monitoring, Mapping, Asset Location, Stockpile Management

  • Road & Bridge Inspection

  • Public Utilities 

  • Flood Monitoring & Damage Inspection

  • Thermal Inspections

  • Site Preparation & Planning

  • Safety Inspections

  • Media & Public Update Information

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